Saturday, February 5, 2011

I heart scones

Back in December I saw Beth's post on Proper British Scones and printed out the recipe. The Hattonettes aren't into overly sweet breakfasts, and have tried scones before and liked them (though the slightly sweeter ones you get in coffee shops here in the US), so I really wanted to try these. Last weekend I finally did, and I am hooked. We all loved them. They really aren't sweet at all, and are delicious by themselves or with butter or with a little fancy jam. There's nothing we've tried on them that has not been delicious.

This morning I used a small heart cookie cutter to make some little cuties (the one in the pic has some Bonne Mama blueberry preserves in the middle, nom nom nom). We also have yet to try a shape that isn't completely delicious. Next time we will try flowers or stars, and I suspect that they, too, will be awesome.