Sunday, June 29, 2008

chair and gifts

I've finally gotten some sewing done in the last couple of weeks. I am WAY overdue with some baby gifts and some swaps. The biggest accomplishment was finally making some covers for a glider we got as a hand-me-down about 2 years ago, before Delma was even born. It had a nondescript blue denim cover that I wanted to replace and just kept putting off and putting off. I finally got some fabric at Ikea and spent a day on it a few weeks ago.

It needs some tweaking, the back cover could be a little more snug, and I need to sew in some vecro on the seat and back covers to keep them closed. For the back and seat, I removed the fabric to use as a template, so these covers are right over the foam. A lining would be a good idea and would add some stability, but it's not like I'll realistically ever get around to doing that. For the ottoman, I just made a little slipcover like a fitted sheet with elastic around it and put it right over the original fabric. I was going to staple it on like upholstery, but I really wanted all the covers to be able to be removed for washing.

Some more photo album and tissue cover sets for some swaps:

Some photo album and burp cloth sets for some newish babies and their mommies:

And a new project for a baby gift that was really easy and came out pretty cute. A burp cloth and a little onesie dress from this tutorial:

I'll definitely make more of these for baby girl gifts and for my own new baby girl. It would look cute with a little applique on the shirt part and maybe some ribbon or ric-rac along the hem. Lots of possibilities.

Monday, June 23, 2008

toddlers are liars

When we were in the car yesterday, and Delly was in the back blurting out all her funny stream-of-consciousness nonsense, at one point it sounded like she said "Puppy!" So I asked her if she saw a puppy and she said yes. Was it a purple puppy? Yes! Was it a a purple puppy with pink polka-dots? Yes! All the while, Josh was saying things like "Oh really!" to her, and then wispering under his breath to me, "She's lying, babe. Flat-out lying. She's a big fat liar." :)