Sunday, January 18, 2009

mysterious toddler logic

During dinner (edemame and raisins. Don't ask):

Delma: I'm not happy.
Me: Why aren't you happy?
D: Because I'm mad.
Me: Why are you mad?
D: Because I like you.
Me: You like me? I like you, too.
D: I want to hold your hand.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

There is a God

Delma and Mimi both slept til glorious 6am this morning. Aaaaahhhhh.

Josh is out of town this week and next, so I'm flying solo with the girls. It's going better than expected. I've realized the key is to throw out any hope for order in my home. The place is trashed, we're eating off of paper plates and drinking from styrofoam cups. But we're all fed and clothed and having fun, we all get to bed on time and we get out of the house on time every morning, so we're doing OK.

My mornings are a little kooky, getting us all cleaned and dressed and nursing Mimi and packing the girls' bag for school... and though sleeping til 6 was a treat, it meant a real hussle to get us all out of the house on time this morning. We did it, though.

I expected this time without Josh to destroy me, I thought I'd be a wreck and to be barely holding my shit together. I rely on him so much to help with the girls. I'm tired, to be sure. Delma and I are not eating the most balanced diet. And I'm going to have to find time to do some serious housecleaning. But I'm actually OK. I'm proud of myself for managing to keep it together. It's done wonders for my self-esteem and my confidence in my coping skills. It seems laughable now that I used to panic over a couple nights alone with just Delma. Those were the days!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

one step forward, two steps back

Mimi slept through the night last night. Every night we put her to bed at 6pm, give her a bottle at 9pm without waking her up, and she usually wakes up somewhere around 3am to nurse and then go back to sleep for a few more hours. This morning she slept right through her 3am feeding and didn't wake up til almost 6. Huzzah!

We should have been blissfully enjoying the extra sleep. HOWEVER, Miss Delma decided for the first time in WEEKS to start pounding on her bedroom door at 4:45 this morning. Awesome. And when Josh finally got her to settle down quietly for a little bit at 5:15, one of the cats jumped up on the bed and started meowing in my face.

All the small creatures in our house are conspiring to destroy me. You'd think they'd be a bit more appreciative of their food-source, but no.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thank You, 2008

2008 was a big year. I became Jewish, I saw Neil Diamond play at Fenway Park, I had a baby. I have a wonderful husband and two (mostly) happy and healthy daughters.

Mimi has perfected being cute:

And Delma finally started to earn her keep by shoveling snow:

Hello, 2009!