Friday, February 23, 2007

ready for take-off

Do you ever push down your cat's ears to make them stick flat on their heads to see what they'd look like without ears? For some reason we used to do that a lot at our house, it was a running favorite thing to do when petting kitties. We call it "stowing your ears for take-off" (or for landing). The title for this first post just made me think of that...

So, a new blog. I've been feeling sort of trapped by my other 2 blogs, one for knitting, and one that started off as a pregnancy blog and has morphed into a mommy blog.

I almost never knit anymore, and even when I do it's just a nice thing to do and not something that I feel the need to always share with the world. Frankly, knitting blogs are sort of boring to me now -- I still read lots of them, but I find myself skimming over all the annoying knitting/spinning content in them to look for the stuff that's actually interesting, the personal stuff. And I'm not pregnant anymore, and though there's plenty of baby- and mommy-related stuff to talk about, there's also lots of other stuff happening. So when there are things that have nothing to do with crafts and nothing to do with motherhood, I feel like I have nowhere to write about it. Where do I write about the mold in my attic? Or my conversion to Judaism? Je ne sais pas!

Which brings us here. Tah-dah! A new catch-all blog. A me blog! A blog for whatever, my crafts, my baby, my moldy attic, my hemmorhoids, the "bling" cover I just ordered for my cell phone... my life.

(I don't know why I didn't think of this myself -- I'm actually totally copying Melanie, who's become a favorite online pally of sorts and who is moving to CT so I may finally get to meet her in person! Huzzah!)


melanie said...

HUZZAAHHHHH!! Welcome to your new space, dahlin.

Bookish Wendy said...

Hi Heide! I'm still following you around over here. ;)