Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Thursday

I love Thursdays for a few reasons:
1. I have no meetings. My Outlook calendar is completely empty on Thursdays (for now), and it makes me so happy.
2. Bagels at work. On Thursdays we have free bagels and cream cheese in our office. My love for bagels is boundless, and absurd. And then when they're FREE? Look out.
3. Free lunch. On Thursdays we have a free sort of buffet lunch thing here in the office. I love food a lot. I love free a lot. Put the 2 together... heaven.

In other random thoughts:
Bravo has been playing Six Feet Under. I don't get HBO, so I've been watching the series on Bravo -- I caught it right from the beginning, and they play 3 new episodes every Monday night which I record and then somehow find time to watch during the week. Oh my god, what an amazing show. It's up to maybe the 4th season now and still after just about every episode I am so sad that it's over. Last night I watched the episode when Ruth's sister takes her friend Fiona hiking, Fiona trips and falls down the mountain and dies, and then Ruth and several women end up getting drunk and high and go down to the basement to look at the body, and all start singing "Calling all Angels." I cried, and all morning today I keep picturing that scene and getting teary. It makes me miss being surrounded by girlfriends.

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Jofrog said...

We got all of 6 Feet Under through Netflix. They were fabulous. We finished watching them a while ago, but when you mentioned that episode I totally remembered it and got chills! What a great show.

Happy Thursday