Friday, September 7, 2007


It's a beautiful sunny day, so I took a break from work (love working from home on Fridays, talking on conf calls in my bathrobe!) to snap some quick pics outside in the sunshine. I took Tuesday off this week to get an extra-long weekend after Labor Day and to do some crafting. It's tough to only have evenings after D goes to bed, so it was nice to get a day to myself in the house with just me and my rotary cutter and sewing machine. The fruits of my labor, all to be mailed out for swaps:

A little appliqued shirt for the son of a swap partner:

Coasters, using the pattern from Bend-The-Rules Sewing (each pic shows both sides of the coasters):

Covered photo books, a little invention of mine. I just use the cheapy albums you get from the photo counter at Walmart, iron some interfacing onto a piece of 9"x16" fabric, and hem up the sides and Voila! A cute little album to keep in your purse!

And here are some little lavender sachets, with pink organza ribbon loops that pretty much disappeared in the sunlight:

And also a Shana Tova (Rosh Hashanah - Happy New Year) card. I found this image online, printed it onto that fabric that you run through the printer (sew-on transfers, not iron-on), cut it out with pinkers and sewed onto card stock. They came out pretty cute:

Back to emails and project planning and budgets, and then on to more important tasks: playing with leaves and sticks on the driveway with Delma. TGIF!


Judie in London said...

I think your books look great! I'm not sure I understand what you did after you ironed the fabric to the interweave.
But I wanted to ask you about the great socks you knitted in the KAL - what yarn did you use?

Felicia said...

Love all your pretty projects. The fabrics you used are delightful.

Staci Rose said...

Shana Tovah...and, also, why aren't your excellent works on Etsy?!!!

Scarlett said...

ahhh your shana tova cards are too cute!! mine ended up having kangaroos and platypus on them! ps- my word verification is wwwise. Maybe it's a sign.