Sunday, June 29, 2008

chair and gifts

I've finally gotten some sewing done in the last couple of weeks. I am WAY overdue with some baby gifts and some swaps. The biggest accomplishment was finally making some covers for a glider we got as a hand-me-down about 2 years ago, before Delma was even born. It had a nondescript blue denim cover that I wanted to replace and just kept putting off and putting off. I finally got some fabric at Ikea and spent a day on it a few weeks ago.

It needs some tweaking, the back cover could be a little more snug, and I need to sew in some vecro on the seat and back covers to keep them closed. For the back and seat, I removed the fabric to use as a template, so these covers are right over the foam. A lining would be a good idea and would add some stability, but it's not like I'll realistically ever get around to doing that. For the ottoman, I just made a little slipcover like a fitted sheet with elastic around it and put it right over the original fabric. I was going to staple it on like upholstery, but I really wanted all the covers to be able to be removed for washing.

Some more photo album and tissue cover sets for some swaps:

Some photo album and burp cloth sets for some newish babies and their mommies:

And a new project for a baby gift that was really easy and came out pretty cute. A burp cloth and a little onesie dress from this tutorial:

I'll definitely make more of these for baby girl gifts and for my own new baby girl. It would look cute with a little applique on the shirt part and maybe some ribbon or ric-rac along the hem. Lots of possibilities.


Jofrog said...

Great job on all of that! How are you feeling?

Thanks for the link to the onesie dress tutorial! I love it. It's definitely one of those "I could have worked it out, but how nice that someone else did!".

Milk Money said...

Oooooooooooohhhhh! I love it! You've made that old chair (did I ever tell you we got the whole thing for, like, forty bucks at a firesale at Babies R Us?) into something that's actually NICE. I'm so jealous. I'm still trying to sew without getting my thread in knots. Gonna be taking a class at Jo-Ann soon, methinks....


Anonymous said...

Your placemats and napkins arrived at my house on Thursday! They are beautiful. I posted a picture of one with my plate on top so you can see how nice they look together! THANK YOU!!! (Also, that chair is super marvelous!)