Friday, August 22, 2008

23 Months

[posting very late, in fact days before your 2nd birthday, and also without photos due to an office mis-hap...]

I had such high hopes for this summer... Last summer we really couldn't do any fun outside things with you, because everything went into your mouth -- grass, dirt, sand, rocks -- and it was such a battle to keep you from shoveling things in that we ended up spending most of the summer inside. This summer is definitely better, with lots of time at playgrounds, and time wandering around on the town Green visiting with all the dogs that get walked there. I was hoping for more beach time, but our schedules and the weather haven't been entirely cooperative. Still, we have gotten to spend at least some time at our town lake, where you fearlessly walk right into the water and run around and watch kids splash and play. You fall down and in your regular fashion you are completely unphased by a face full of water and a body covered with sand. We are constantly in awe of your courage and your ability to just shake things off. You'll get hurt, order us to kiss your boo-boos, and then you want to just move on. For the most part you have no patience or interest in extended cuddles and hugs and kisses, you just want to get back to playing. I don't know how you could possibly be so well-adjusted, surely we can't take credit for it.

You were going through a funny little phase for a couple of weeks this month where at almost every meal you would take some food, mash it between your hands, and say, "I'm making pizza!" We have no idea where you got this, but it cracked us up, so of course you kept doing it.

We decided to take a little long weekend road trip down to the Arlington/ DC area for a last ditch effort at a Family of 3 Vacation before the baby comes. We dreaded the long drive, but with the help of a portable DVD player and your favorite Pixar movies, it was fine. But while we were down there, you had little interest in anything much other than staying in our hotel room and watching cartoons. You played with the safe in the closet, putting your rocks in the safe, taking them out, and repeating ad nauseum. And on our 3rd day down there, the forecast was for rain all day long, and since that meant we couldn't even take you to walk around the Mall or go to any playgrounds, we decided to just pack it in a day early and head home. I would not call it a successful vacation, but it also wasn't a total failure. We did get to see some of the National Zoo. That's better than nothing I guess, even though all the pandas were asleep.

I have to keep reminding myself that this time is temporary, that you'll continue to be more and more portable and mobile and that we'll be able to have family vacations one day. And it will be such a joy to show you more of our town, our state, our country, the world, and watch you bravely explore it all.


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