Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Project

I read Bonnie's post tonight: The Home Project. Go check it out, it's a great idea. It's easy to let time in a marriage just by so quickly, to take it for granted in these days of life with wee ones and all the craziness they bring. She plans to chronicle her marriage through photos, weekly, and I am thinking of playing along.

This is part of the mayhem on our bathroom counter right now as Josh packs for tomorrow's business trip that will keep him away from home for 5 days. HGe travels regularly, but the trips aren't usually this long. And on top of the general stress that comes along with him being away, Delma is sick, I am sick, and we are expecting a huge snow storm. Oy.

But, the glasses... After Josh and I got married, we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. When we were flying out, I looked over at him at one point and he had fallen asleep reading, with his glasses on. I took his glasses off of his face and carefully stashed them. And then I was struck with that one small act. That this man and I would be doing big things and also these smallest things for each other for the rest of our lives. That there's someone to take my glasses off of me when I fall asleep reading. For people who have grown up feeling attended to and cared for, this may be nothing. To me, it is everything.


Bon said...

i like this, very much. a still life of a shared life, of the little ties.

i'm so glad you're coming along with on the home project. i'm looking forward to it.

Nancy Kahrimanis said...

Lovely! :)