Wednesday, May 23, 2007

more on diapers...

Since we started our adventures with gDiapers, it has taken up LOTS of space in my head, and lots of time in my day. Still trying to figure out exactly how to work it all, like now what to do with wipes etc.

I think what we're going to do with diapers is:
Flush poopy diapers, trash pee diapers

This will help us not beat the crap out of our septic. They're biodegradable, so even if the tinkle ones end up in a landfill they're better than regular disposables. And if we muster up the oompf to do some composting, we can put them in there.

And for wipes (maybe):
Use disposable wipes for poo, and just use a wet cloth for pee that will go into the wash afterward.

Good god, the laundry. Until now we've managed to do baby laundry twice a week. Not anymore. We aren't actually doing a ton more laundry, it's just that we have to do smaller loads more often to make sure we always have more than the bare minimum of clean diapers on hand.

I've been reading a bit about cloth diapers too, and I sort of wish we'd tried that with Del. I guess we still could try it at home, but I doubt they'd go for it at daycare. Apparently lots of daycares just flat-out do not do cloth diapers. We're lucky I guess that ur folks didn't even blink at the request that they support our move to gdiapers.


Josh said...

You may need to make an amendment to this post seeing as our daycare folks just crapped all over your last paragraph (pun intended)

Mary Jessica said...

hey there! I'm totally playing catch up on blogs-n-stuff. It's interesting to read how similar some of our experiences have been!

Re:diapers/wipes. We've made the baby steps and managed to go all-cloth. It helps that I'm at home and can wash them at home- as I say to people who think I'm getting all sanctimonious, I just have more time than money right now, so why not? (Interesting how it shuts people up when it's presented as a financial rather than ethical choice.)

Anyway, for both poopy and wet (jeez, listen to me) diapers, we use cloth wipes. All we did was bought a pack of baby wash cloths (in distinctive colors) and keep them on the changing table next to a squeeze bottle that contains water and a squirt of baby wash. That's it! Works out fine for us.

Oh, the vegan/vegetarian thing...Robert and I are both the former, and now that Tommy is into solids, I'm always wondering how far to take it with the baby. I guess it will just be one of those things we figure out as we go.

Hope you enjoyed reading my novella, entitled, "MJ is a Windbag."