Tuesday, May 29, 2007

saga continues...

OMG, seriously, could I talk about something other than diapers? No. Our daycare called today, D had 2 big poops that went through her diapers. SO they won't let us use the gDiapers anymore, as they got poop on their hands and it's unsanitary, so they'll only use disposables on her again. ?? How is that any different than when a baby in a disposable diaper has a blow-out and poops through their clothes??? Argh.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You have a new blog! I'll have to fix the link on mine. I'm leaving you a comment because I can't respond to your comment from work.

Delma is so big now! And my god, the cuteness!

The pants pattern I use is one from one of those generic baby sets that includes a little jacket and a hat--probably Simplicity. I've only used the pants pattern from it, though. And she's wearing the 9 months size now to go over her giant cloth diaper butt.

Also, I'm leaving the comment on this post because I can't believe your day care is vetoing your gDiapers! I'd be so pissed! I think we're lucky--we toured a Day Care for when Sophie turns 1, and when I asked them about using cloth diapers she thought I was asking them if they do the washing of them there--they wash your diapers for you?! So I think we'll be okay on that front. I'm still pissed off for you.

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