Monday, June 4, 2007

9 Months

You are now 9 months old. You are such a vibrant, engaging child with a very distinct personality, but you are also such a part of me that when I press my nose to your head or bury my face in your neck, I can't smell anything, as if I were trying to smell my own arm.

Right now you are in your crib making the sweetest la-la-la noises and babbles. This is a delightful change, you usually practice the range of your voice, screech like a dolphin, do this funny silence then BLAH! then silence then BLAH! thing, etc. We long for the days of your sweet little coos, as you mostly just sound like a tyrant these days. You're happy and you're just fine entertaining yourself in your crib, but your voice just makes you sound like a brute. You still wake up VERY early, around 5am most days, so we have taken to letting you just hang out til at least 6am before we fetch you, and as we go about our early-morning routines we have lots of laughs listening to you talk and sing and just make non-stop noise.

You started crawling for real a couple of days ago. It is so cute to watch you. To be honest, I was starting to think you'd never do it. You just weren't interested at all. When you wanted something, you were content to sit on your but, peg your arms and legs straight out in front of you, tense every muscle in your body, turn red and bellow. It didn't seem like any amount of Frustration As Motivator would work on you. But then you just did it. Just like that, with encouragement from Daddy. You are officially mobile, little bunny.

Your affect on total strangers is amazing. People love babies, I know, but you seem to go beyond the norm and suck just about everyone into your gravitational pull. You stare at people and make eye contact with everyone and I think that your coloring and the amout of hair you have just look quite dramatic and catch people's attention. People go to mush around you, everywhere we go. You have a way of lighting up a room, of making people happy. You are magic.



Scarlett said...

That is the sweetest letter and cutest pics ever. And i SOOOO love the song love stinks. Don't feel that way always.. it was just a yesterday thing. haha.

Jofrog said...

Ohhh, what a big girl! I lost my subscription to "Chez Zero" on Bloglines, so I just caught up.

The no G Diapers at Daycare is ridiculous! Have you had any progress with that?

On an unrelated note, I'm making some of the shoes I posted about to sell. I'd be happy to make some for Del if you'd like. I haven't come across the nonskid yet, but I can look, or use puffy paint to make them nonskid.

melanie said...

Um dude, your feed mysteriously disappeared from my bloglines and I just realized you have all these posts that I've missed!

DELMA!!! Look at all your hair!! Holy cow girl. Can we borrow some for the back of Scarlet's head??

Hey - we're having a July 4th party at the in laws house (POOL). Want to come?

melanie said...
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me myself and i said...

awwwww!! That little sweetie! SHe is so damn cute!

Scarlett said...

Hey! That's amazing that you are thinking about joining.. thanks SOO much. if you want, I can send you a kit or put you in contact with someone who can send one. Its really easy. Just swabbing the inside of your cheek and mailing them back to the lab. Hope your day is well!