Monday, July 23, 2007

away and back

Home from vacation. Well, home from "vacation." A vacation with a baby is not exactly a vacation. It's more like every other day except away from home. We were on Cape Cod, had a teensy bit of nice beach time, went for nice drives, did a few fun things, saw Harry Potter, and had some really good nights at home after D went to sleep with our friends with whom we rented the house. It actually was better than I expected, I was braced for the worst but we really did have some fun. And we realized that D is really quite adaptable, she slept in the Pack-n-Play in a strange house like it was nothing. There was way more space to run around there than in our house too, and she had an absolute blast playing chase with our friends. She just screams and squeals and crawls after us now lightening-fast, it's so funny.

It's always good to come home though, and D was really happy to see her friends and her teachers at school this week. She seriously was so happy to see them, Josh said it was adorable when he dropped her off on Monday morning.

My newest Delma-obsession is her hydration. Of course I always have to have something to panic about! Now that she can feed herself finger-foods, she will not let us spoon-feed her at all, so she won't eat yogurt or cereal. And she's not great about taking her bottle anymore, so I'm constantly afraid of her getting dehydrated. Luckily she does like to drink water from her sippy-cup... We can't get her to drink more than a few sips of formula from her cup, though. Gah! BUT, on the up-side she is trying all sorts of new foods and loving them. Last night she had sauteed mushrooms and asparagus. She eats blueberries like there's no tomorrow, which is no surprise considering when I was pregnant I ate so many blueberries that we thought she'd come out looking like Violet Beauregard.

Listening to Jim Dale narrate the new Harry Potter. It's great, I'm loving it.

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