Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Simon Fondu Pepitone was born on July 12, a few weeks early. Baby and mommy are doing great. Erica is someone who's become a really good friend, and I just adore her. She moved back to CT last year and was a huge support to me after Delma was born, even though I don't think she really realized it. She was my one friend who was just like Hey! I'm coming over to see you! And would just be around a lot without ever feeling weird like she was getting in the way or invading some pseudo-sacred mommy-baby time or something. I think a lot of people, unfortunately including family, felt like they didn't want to intrude and would just wait for an invite. Like when you have a baby you make plans to have people over for tea or something. No, at least for us, it worked better when people would call or email and ask if they could come by. It took all the pressure of planning off of us, and of course we always had the option of saying nope, not today, we're too tired. But Erica was great, popping in to chat and cuddle with Delma regularly when she had breaks between work appointments. I'm so psyched that she had a baby and we have this whole new huge thing in common.


Erica, looking all rosy and gorgeous after about 2 days of labor and one teensy nap!

Simon was a great excuse to start sewing. I made some little appliques and put them on onesies, and I made a pair of shoes using this super-easy pattern.

I also made a bunch of burp cloths for her shower, but forgot to take pictures. The mom of a friend of mine gave me a couple special burp cloths when Delma was born, just some cute ribbon sewn onto the short-side hems of soft cloth diapers. So simple, but it was nice to use them out in public and feel like I was slightly hip and put-together despite being unshowered and sleepy and smelling milky and being covered in spit-up. I ended up making a few more myself, using some pink camo grosgrain. For Erica/Simon, I took some nice Kushies and pre-washed them, sewed them right sides together with a piece of cute cotton print fabric, left a little hole, turned them inside-out, and then top-stitched all around. So so so insanely fast and easy, and they all look adorable. Can use the same "technique" to make a blanket, using flannel or minky or chenille for backing with a really cute print. I have a couple lined up for Delma and up-coming baby gifts.

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melanie said...

I love the onesies!! Where did you get the appliques?