Saturday, December 6, 2008

bad morning

The Girl Days are over. This week we started sending Delma back to school fulltime. She misses her friends and is bored when she's home with me. If I'd always been home with her, I'm sure it would be different, she's be used to less running around and playing all day, but that's just not what she's used to. Now I have a couple of weeks to spend with Mimi before I go back to work. And when she's napping I'll have time to myself to get some gift crafting and baking done.

We have had some really rough mornings for the past week. Delma wakes up at about 4am and we have to turn her around and put her back to bed countless times before we finally give up at about 5:30. I'm not super-psyched about having to go to work soon, when I'll still be nursing Mimi every night and then waking up so insanely early. And I'm still off caffeine since it messes with Mimi. Oy.

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