Sunday, December 28, 2008

bumpy road

Delma has her little repertoire of comments she makes and things she likes to talk about while we're riding in the car. She likes to tell me that she sees houses ("other people's houses"); she likes to talk about puddles and says she likes going through big puddles; after we go through a traffic light and she talks about stopping and going, she says, "Let's do it again, Mom!"; when it's dark out she asks where the sun went, and says "I don't see Fletchie's house!"; and when we go over a bump in the road she says, "That's a bumpy road! I like bumpy roads!"

We had my dad and Josh's mom and step-dad over for latkes and kugel one night during Hanukkah. Delma was very well behaved and ate nicely at the table without acting like a complete maniac (though she did refuse to eat what we were all having and just had some p'sgettios -- but she ate it all with her spoon). After dinner she went into her room and pulled ALL of her toys and stuffed animals out of her toy bins and piled them on her bed.

When I went in and saw all of her toys on the bed, she said, "I made a bumpy road!"

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