Thursday, July 23, 2009

CEiMB: Baked Onion Rings

This week's CEiMB recipe is Ellie's Oven Baked Onion Rings, chosen by Meet Me in the Kitchen.

When I was working on these, Josh came home to find us in the kitchen, me furiously dipping and coating my onion rings while Mimi sat on the floor at my feet howling and Delma stood next to me screaming over and over and over MOMMY I NEED LIPGLOSS. So, you know, I didn't really take much care in the assembly of this dish. I was very quick and sloppy in throwing them together, and it shows. Goodness, that photo looks unappetizing. I'm sorry you have to even look at it. The onion rings, however were very very good.

These ugly yummy babies came out a wee bit spicy for me. I would try them again with different herbs, maybe Italian seasoning or something. Also -- man, those baked potato chips were good! I am officially hooked.

Onion rings that aren't all greasy and fried and bad for you. Thanks, Ellie!


Maria Salomon said...

I loved the way yours came out (I love spice/heat) and could have used more but more importantly, your rings are so FAT......they are beautiful.....I was going for fat and got skinny!!!
Good job, Heide!

Anonymous said...

The baked chips are a real problem for me - I had to make Ryan take the rest of the bag to work because I knew I would eat them all. I actually prefer them to regular chips; who knew?

Glad they turned out well for you :)

Sara said...

so glad you liked these. Sounds like you had your hands full, so as long as they were good, who cares what they look like!

Pamela said...

I love the baked chips, too. My kids prefer them over the regular chips, surprisingly. I hear you on getting things done with the kids around! You did a great job, though!

christie said...

Found your blog through NaBloPoMo! I am making these *TONIGHT*. They look delish.