Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Party

I'm joining the party! The 2010 Ultimate Blog Party. Horribly late, but still, I made it. Is anyone still here? Is any of the good booze still left, or is it all warm cans of Coors?

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hi! I'm Heide, a very unfocused and inconsistent blogger. I like to think that's the key to my charm. Maybe I'll blog every other day for a few weeks. Maybe I'll just post an Ellie Krieger recipe once a month. You just never know! I'm pretty awesomely mysterious like that.

I have 2 super-cute little girlies, 2 cats that I have trouble giving a shit about these days, and a husband who is a rock star and an infamous whiskey blogger. I work fulltime as a business analyst and I often spend entire weekends doing laundry.

I had beer for dinner and I popped a few Benadryl. So, there's that. Thanks for stopping by!


Becca & Dusty said...

Yay! You are joining the party!! Glad to meet you! And that Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe looks to die for. Yummm!

Hope you can make it over our way:

ericka @ alabaster cow said...

beer and benadryl: my kind of dinner :)

hello from the ubp!

Nancy Kahrimanis said...

I am not a mommy, but I am big fan of your blog and I ALWAYS like a party!

Beck said...

Parties are fun and parties with beer are MY FAVORITE.
Your husband is a ROCK STAR? That's wild. Does he wear red pants?

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Hi there! Niki here, stopping over from UBP10. I just wanted to pop in and check out your blog. Love it.

Stop by my blog, Free 2 Be Frugal, when you get a chance! I have a great giveaway going on: