Tuesday, August 7, 2007

like I need more things to freak out over

Amy Karol is great, and I need to thank her for 2 things:
1. Her amazing book that has rocked my world; and
2. Completely freaking me out about plastic

So, now I have to find plastic baby bottles that are as non-toxic as possible, and stainless steel snack containers, and stainless sippy cups, and glass storage containers for home.

We're already using Envirosax , and though we don't always remember them, and some plasic bags find their way home with us sometimes, we've made big progress there.

We use completely biodegradable garbage bags in the kitchen, and I keep little biodegradable dog-poo bags in the diaper bag to use for Del's dirty gDiapers inserts when we're out and can't flush them or secretly dispose of them. The corn-based kitchen garbage bags are good, but you do have to be careful and not put wet stuff in the garbage or else the bags will start to break down right there in your kitchen. That's happened to us, and it's very annoying to pull the bag out of the container just to have all the contents spill onto the floor. We did that once, and have not made the same mistake since. Luckily we have a spot in the woods that we can actually reach from our deck, where we toss compostable wet stuff, so it's easy to not put that stuff in the garbage. I'm also using lots more dish towels for spills and wiping food off Delma after her meals, and cloth napkins for us, so we don't have many wet paper towels that go into the trash.

Someone in the comments to Amy's post was talking about the trouble with finding alternatives for plastic produce bags. You can't use anything opaque because then cashiers can't see the stickers on them, etc. She found a company in Canada called grassroots that will sell the mesh bags that they put oranges in, so you can use and reuse them yourself. They're still plastic, but at least you're reusing. That made me think of knitting my own smaller version of this cotton net bag to use for little things like fruit. We actually rarely use produce bags. I don't mind putting piles of freely rolling fruit etc into our carriage. But for some things like leafy greens they really need to stay sealed up or else they'll get all wilty in the fridge. I should just start rinsing and reusing produce bags for that.

If I could just find a way to get paid for sitting around and worrying about things like this, life would be perfect!


Jofrog said...

I've been thinking about doing the same thing for produce bags. I saw some for sale at Whole Foods the other day, but they were not marked with a price. I bet they would be pretty quick to knit... or maybe even quicker to crochet.

As far as bottles/sippies, SIGG makes stainless steel sippies and Born Free makes both sippies and bottles with non-leaching plastic.

We use silicone bowls for all of Kaya's food rather than plastic and use a silicone ice cube tray to freeze her food again rather than plastic.

No matter what you do, you will feel like you can do more. It's the nature of being a conscientious person and then a mom on top of it!

Felicia said...

I must pick up her book soon. Everyone seems to have it but me :)

Anonymous said...

We use Kleen Kanteens for our drinking water (though we need to get the sippy cup one for Sophie). I haven't bought any yet, but I think you can get glass containers for food storage at IKEA. They have plastic lids of course. I've been using recycled glass jars so far.

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