Thursday, August 9, 2007

Swapbot junkie

I just signed up on Swapbot and immediately joined a kajillion swaps. All cute little ones that require little-to-no spending, just crafting and what-not. One where you just write a letter describing how you met your significant other, one where you write a list of 10 favorite things and describe why you love them, one where you make a mix CD. Fun!!! I miss getting fun stuff in the mail, this should be good times man, good times.


lera said...

Hi Heide!

Thanks for visiting my blog. When I took my sewing book to the copy shop (Office Depot) they were able to copy the pattern onto one piece of paper. I think it was "drafting" paper (maybe?). I've been there before when they didn't do that, so it might depend on who you have making the copies. I think it was under $1. I went ahead and copied all of the patterns I thought I'd want.

(PS -- Your baby with all of her hair is adorable. And I love your pinafores.)

Mel said...

Hi there
I also joined swap bot. The newbie swap 6 and am very excited about it. This is my first one and I am going to see how this turns out before joining more swaps.
I like your blog.