Friday, August 10, 2007

OMG Birthday (almost)!!!

During Shabbat service last week Josh became Bar Mitzvah, along with 4 other people who decided to finally become official adults, some more than 40 years behind schedule. Better late than never! It was a wonderful service, a great celebration with friends and family and our congragation, and it's nice to finally be married to a man. His voice might finally change now.

Since we had family in town for this big event, we had an early First Birthday Extravaganza for miss D.

Cupcakes inspired by Martha and this super-crafty maven:

Martha birthday garland (came with pink ribbon which I swapped out for some bright orange instead):

Hanging tissue flowers using Martha's instructions (they sell a kit at Michael's too, but it's cheaper to buy your own supplies). Not great natural light in the living room, but you get the idea:

I've also made a few more pinafores. One for D, one for a gift for a small friend of ours (no picture -- damn!), and another as a commision (!!!) for the lovely Miss Melanoma's wee Scarlet. Again, no picture. But I've asked her to take one and send it to me, so...

But here is Delma's newest, with one side being modeled by D and the other side modeled by a hanger (less cute than D by far, IMHO):


melanie said...

Pictures are comin!!!! And for anyone interested - I highly recommend commissioning Mrs. Zero here. Fantastic service, fantastic product and made with love. You just can't beat that.

Jofrog said...

Happy Almost Birthday Del!

Did you get my email about a crafty trade?

sonny! said...

that top picture of lil' del with the "i just got caught eating cake with my hands" look is now proudly displayed on my desk at work. next to a picture of joe nolan and the one of you with party hats on your ears.