Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pulling up her own damn pants!

Delma has always been a very independent girl, even as an infant. But for all her wanting to do things herself, on her own terms, there are some areas where she's been very passive, like in getting dressed. She has shown no interest in taking her own clothes on or off (except her socks, since Josh taught her to look for "treasures" between her toes. Hmpf.).

But all of a sudden, since she started potty training this week she's stopped fighting any encouragement to do other things herself, like pull up her pants etc. She want's pull-ups, she flips if we try to put a regular diaper on her. She happily climbs up into her booster seat in the car herself.

She talks a lot about how Mimi is "just a little baby," with the clear and unspoken contrast being that she herself is not a baby. Something has clicked in the past week or 2, and all of a sudden she's ready to grow up a little bit more. And it's made me want to baby her a little bit more. I'm happy to see her getting more comfortable with being a big girl, and I think it's good for her to fight for it a bit instead of us just handing it right over to her.

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