Thursday, April 16, 2009

switched at birth

Tonight Mimi was sitting on a blanket, happily gnawing on a toy. Delma did something that made Josh and me explode into a massive fit of laughter. Delly started laughing. After a moment we noticed a strange noise. We looked down and Mimi was bright red, sobbing, tears streaming down her face. I picked her up, but it was so absurd that it made us just laugh harder, and that made her cry harder. And Delly was imploring, "What's wrong with Mimi?!" We couldn't answer her, beyond the obvious that Mimi had been scared and confused by our loud and sudden laughter.

I know there's nothing particularly remarkable about that. But come on. In this house? We laugh A LOT. Loudly. And Delma is 2 and energetic and makes noise. And this baby is as jumpy and easily spooked as a cat. Weirdo.

Somewhere out there is a baby who smiles and laughs and wonders why she's stuck in a family full of people who always look like deer caught in the headlights. And we have that family's baby.

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