Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sister Sunday

At 6:30 this morning I was up, had a load of laundry going, checked email, and was all alone. It wasn't the sound of a crying baby or toddler that woke me, it was daylight coming through the window. The girls were both miraculously asleep... What a lovely way to start a Sunday.

We had a lot going on today, but it all went relatively smoothly, with very few tears. We made appearances at a few social gatherings, got shopping done, got some yardwork done, the girls had good naps, Josh got to kill some zombies, Delly got to go on swings at a playground and gather rocks and shells at the beach, and we ate dinner pretty much on time.

The day ended with the girls taking their first bath together. Delly and Mimi were both thrilled. It is definitely a 2-adult job, but it was so worth it. They are so into each other, it's a joy to watch them interact and love each other. Mimi stared at Delly all through dinner tonight, and then completely flipped out when Delma finished eating and left the table. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other in their bath, and were both giddy and splashing and just going bonkers.

I know they will likely have issues with each other during their lives and won't always like each other very much. But I am hell-bent on making sure that they each always have the other's back. My brother and I grew up under the same roof as virtual strangers, because we had no one around to teach us how to be a family. And while I do believe that the families we create for ourselves need not be exclusively biological, the sibling relationship is so special. Who else will understand what it was like growing up in your house, with your parents and your family? It's a critical bond, and one that I want Delma and Mimi to be aware of and to respect and appreciate.

But there's time enough to teach them. For now, it's enough and it's everything to look in my rearview mirror and catch them sharing a private moment, staring at each other, smiling, holding hands. It's enough to make my heart burst.

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