Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm officially on the bandwagon, joining the hoards for crafters who've fallen in love with the Simplicity 3835 pattern. Love it! Someone somewhere suggested cutting the back out in one piece instead of in two pieces with a zipper, which I did, and it saved lots of work and stills goes on and off with no problem. I'll definitely make more of these, and will try the different arm lengths and shirt/dress lengths. I also will be a bit more careful tracing the pattern and cutting -- I wasted a LOT of fabric on mistakes this first time around. When I cut out the back, I cut out the dress length insteads of the shirt length. When I traced the sleeves, the whole pattern apparently shifted and I didn't notice til after I'd cut the pieces and started seaming. Oh, and I also cut out the long sleeves instead of short. Gah. lots of this fabric in my scraps bag now! Somehow I managed to fudge it enough to get a relatively decent and totally wearable garment. I'm very proud of myself. Go, me!


Jofrog said...

So cute! I wish that there were a sewing Ravelry. I feel like I have a better hold on what's there in the knitting world, but I'd love to have a place to "queue" this top! Great job (despite the difficulties).

Oz said...

Adorable! All your sewing talk is inspiring me to dig out my dusty sewing machine from the basement and get cracking on some new projects.

Oh - and that silver compost pail? I'm so glad you posted about it - I'm going to get it for my husband for Valentine's Day. Some people wouldn't think a compost container is romantic, but he will love it.

lera said...

The shirt looks GREAT! I make the back in one piece. It's not only easier and quicker to sew, it looks better!