Thursday, January 10, 2008

crappy and crafty week

This hasn't been the easiest week. Josh has been out of town, and I've been sick and have been losing lots of sleep to awful coughing fits at night. I don't know how, but somehow in the middle of all that I've been feeling very crafty. Delma took a really long nap last Sunday which left me time to do lots of fabric cutting. I can do some sewing with her around, but not cutting. Like the cats, she has this irresistible urge to come and walk across or just sit down on any fabric on my cutting mat. Then in the evenings after she was asleep I was all alone and had loads of time to sew sew sew. Some evidence:

For a Handmade Gift swap, a covered photo album and covered tissue packet:

For a Stellar Swappers swap, photo album, tissues packet and Artsy Clutch (clutch is from Bend-the-Rules Sewing):

For a Pink and Green swap, some little "for you" notecards for the recipient to send out with her own swap packages:

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