Wednesday, January 16, 2008

vintage Sesame Street

We spend some time on YouTube almost every day with Delma now. She gets all crazy when we go into the office, because she's not allowed to touch anything in there, so in response she runs around touching everything to get us to stop reading email and pay attention to her. Enter: YouTube. We started off by looking for some Elmo stuff, and found these great clips of Elmo with Norah Jones, The Goo-Goo Dolls, Chris Brown (I love this one!), and this one with Andrea Bocelli that makes me sort of uncomfortable to watch because Bocelli gets all up in Elmo's grill in a weird sexy sort of way.

So then I started looking for classic stuff, and found all sort of really great clips that I grew up with. Here are a couple favorites that are in heavy rotation at our house. Enjoy!


ztoamom said...

I know all the words to Ladybug Picnic and can sing them for you right now though my baby is 18. CLASSIC wonderfulness! I recognized it just from the still! Mom deep down and forever.

Crystal said...

Thank you! My son walked in while I was watching these and it led to a whole hour of finding old Sesame Street, singing along and then trying to see if we can sing them with out watching etc.