Thursday, March 5, 2009

crafty club

I get so jealous when I read in blogs about people having little craft clubs where they make lovely things for each other, swap crafty goodies, get together to do projects, etc... So I decided to reach out to some of my crafty lady friends to start our own club. Round I included 4 of us, the others came to my house a few weeks ago and we made our exchanges and drank champagne/blueberry/pomegranate cocktails and chitty-chatted for hours. It was lovely.

Josefa made us each these beautiful bags with Japanese fabrics outside and silk inside, perfect for packing jewelry in when traveling. Check out the cool button detail!

Moira made us each cool pouches. She learned to sew zippers for this project, good girl! Each zipper also got a sweet little felt heart fob. And she somehow didn't think this was "enough" (as if!) so she also gave us each cute bracelets. Delma fell in love with my yellow bracelet and it was days before I could go anywhere near it.

Sarah made us all bags using hex hinges, which are so totally rad. For mine she used vintage fabric.

I made little fabric baskets for everyone using this pattern, and different fabrics for everyone. Of course I took NO pictures. Duh. Maybe one of my girls will snap a pic and send it to me??

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