Thursday, March 5, 2009

How we roll

On Valentine's Day, Josh and I went up to City Steam in Hartford. On weekends they have a comedy club in the basement, the Brew Ha-Ha club, and we love it there. So we left a sick and sad Delma and fussy Mimi with the sitter, and headed on out for a long overdue date.

Food was good, the comedy was good. When we'd finished our meals, the waitress came over and asked if we were interested in dessert. I think I screamed YES! before she'd even finished asking. She said they had a special that night. "Spicy Lentil Chewable Pampers." All I heard was the "spicy lentil" part and was very confused. I asked her to repeat it. She did. I cracked up, because it's from an SNL skit from a few weeks ago that Josh and I loved. The waitress handed me a diaper, all wrapped up like after it's been used. Laughing, I opened it up to find a jewelry box containing these:

And here, in Still Life with Ambivalent Cat and Ice:

I should probably have taken a picture of me actually wearing them, because these photos make them look small, and they are not.

Oh, I love my husband. Those who know us well know that he proposed to me by stuffing a diamond ring into the decapitated head of a stuffed monkey on Valentine's Day. That doesn't sound even remotely romantic, I know, but it's perfectly "us." That's how we roll.

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