Thursday, March 19, 2009

6-month-old bean

Who loves 6-month-old beans? We do. We call Mimi The Bean because her middle name is Binah. Anyhoo, she is 6 months old. Wow.

Josh and I don't know where this kid came from, she is so unlike Delma that we often are at a loss as to how to relate to her at all. She is a serious little thing, a tough nut to crack, she is not quick with a smile at all. She really makes us work for it, which of course turns us into maniacal baboons trying to get a reaction from her. And that chin! Those ears! That kooky face! Who is this person??

In the past month or so she's started babbling like crazy, sitting on her own, eating solids, she stopped crying in the car (the BEST development so far!), and the other night she finally started sleeping at night without her swaddle. Those long, painful new-baby days are mostly behind us now.

Happy Half-Birthday, Bean!

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