Monday, September 14, 2009

dinner playdate

Josh is out of town for a few nights, so we had a couple of Delly's little buddies (and their moms, since the kids can't drive) over for dinner and fun. And oh, they had fun.

Who's under these covers, with the lights out?

Oh hi, it's 3 toddlers in hysterics.

And babies want in on the action too.

Then Delly convinced the boys to play dress-up and pretend to get married.

Now the guests are gone, the girls are asleep, the lazy-hostess paper plates are tossed, and here is my dessert. More of the peaches I picked, all peeled and sliced and drowning in white wine since yesterday (a brilliant little idea I stole from Orangette).

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Mama Mia said...

Um, can I come over now for drunken peaches...please...pretty please!