Friday, September 4, 2009

season's harvest

Our sad little attempt at a garden this year was SUCH a bust. Parsley died, peppers, cauliflower and brussels sprout all got chomped beyond recognition my slugs, and the radishes turned into ant condos. Zucchini did OK, but with our dashed spirits was a bit neglected and only produced a few edibles.

We have a patio tomato plant that did nothing forever, then all of a sudden had a few little yummers show up.

The second I saw them I grabbed them, hacked 'em up and turned them into a salad.

They were good. I wish there had been far more of them.

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Erin M. said...

I want to have a little garden, too, but we have a bunny problem here. And it would require my husband (or someone else crafty) to build something up off the ground so as to discourage the uninvited guests...hmm. maybe next year?