Wednesday, September 2, 2009


These are some bags I made a while ago, using Sarah's Pleated Purse Pattern.

I made this one for myself first.

It came together really easily, so I decided to use the same pattern for a bag for my partner in our crafty club. For this one I used an Amy Butler charm pack to patchwork the outside panels, with coordinating fabric for the lining and handles.

This is such a great pattern! It was good for me to learn how to put in a magnetic snap, too. On the first bag I made for myself I did a quick-and-dirty job with the snap, and it really isn't sturdy enough to just grab and pull the snap apart by the fabric. I did it correctly for the next one and it made a huge difference. Not sure how it's holding up, I should ask my pally.

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Erin M. said...

You crafty people amaze me. I was born without the crafty gene. I love everything you do, the purses are great!