Friday, November 14, 2008

cookie fun

I bought a roll of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough to have some little cookie decorating fun with Delly. I cut the roll into quarters, and bagged/froze 3 of the quarters individually for future use. I thought that was very clever of me. Each quarter makes about a half-dozen cookies, which is enough.

I actually started off using a rolling pin. Hello, overkill. I ended up just squooshing it all by hand and letting Delly use cookie cutters for a few of them and then made a couple little circles by hand.

When they were cool, I let Delly decorate with some tacky, gross glitter decorating gel and little star-shaped sprinkle things. She loved it. I only gave her 2 to decorate, otherwise she would have used every last drop of gel. I told her they had to dry, and then she never even asked to eat them. She just loved cutting and decorating them so much that she seemed to forget that they were food and not just a craft project.

This was a great "baking" project with Delly, since Mimi's napping times are very unpredictable and I don't want to get caught in the middle of some real baking and have to abandon it to tend to the baby. It didn't take much time but was very fun and not too messy. Good times. Good glittery times.

ps Please note that Delma is STILL wearing her Supergirl costume!!!

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