Friday, November 7, 2008


Delma has been wearing her Supergirl Halloween costume every single day and night since Halloween. When we have to take it off for a minute to chenge her into or out of pajamas, she is in a complete panic until we get her redressed and get Supergirl back on. Tonight we finally got it off of her to put it in the wash, and that did NOT go over well. The whole rest of the evening she was throwing tantrums and begging for Supergirl, and trying to use her binkies (which she only uses at night in bed). She was so desperately lost without it, but that think needed to be washed so badly. She ate a pickle several days ago and you could still smell it on that costume. Ew. Now it's hanging up drying, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's the firstthing she asks for in the morning. I think it's so hilarious that she's obsessed with it, especially considering what a comic book freak Josh is. She is such a little Hatton.

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