Tuesday, November 18, 2008

well-deserved calm

Both girls are napping right now. I love that. It wasn't so easy, though... After over an hour of Mimi nodding off then waking up and wailing, and Delma refusing to sleep, I finally nursed Mimi back to sleep and threw a coat on Delma and tossed them both in the car. I knew the car would knock Delly out, so I drove around til she was asleep then came home and put her in her bed, and put Mimi in her car seat in the Snuglider I picked up yesterday.

Delma has been a great napper for quite a while now. But in the past couple of weeks she's been fighting the nap. One day last week I finally put one of those child-proof doorknob covers on the inside of her door so she can't get out of her room. She'll get up over and over asking for play-dough and her toys and wanting to play. The mornings are crazy too, sometimes she's up as early as 4am. "I want to play!" We get up over and over and tell her to get back into bed. We usually call it quits around 5:30 and let her get up and start the day -- and when I say "we," I mean Josh. Since I'm in charge of Mimi's nighttime feeding, Josh is on duty with Delma and her early-morning antics.

I'm looking forward to sleeping through the night again. Sleeping til 6 seems like a luxury. It now feels laughable that we thought we had it tough when we only had Delma to deal with. Oy.

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