Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mimi laughed her first real laugh on Thanksgiving. Just like with Delma's first laugh, what got her going was Josh lifting her up by her hands and kiss-attacking her neck. Such a fun and silly and beautiful sound.

We spent Thanksgiving with some of Josh's family. This is the side of his family (his step-dad's brothers) whome we pretty much only ever see when they stay in CT and host T-Giving. They're such warm, welcoming people and we love going there for the holiday. This year they also extended the invitation to my dad and his girlfriend, so they joined us too. It was a nice time, Mimi slept, ate and smiled pretty much the whole time, and Delly was very well-behaved.

Tonight we had our own little Thanksgiving at home with a Tofurkey and a bunch of left-over sides that came home with us on Thursday. While Mimi napped, Delly, Josh and I held hands and sang the Shehechiyanu to celebrate this joyful time, the health of our family. And like every Thanksgiving, we listened to Alice's Restaurant and sang along.

Mimi is a cutie-pie. Josh is the best husband and father ever. Delly is smart and funny and clever. I am blessed.

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