Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This little girl is getting so big. At 2 months she's already wearing her 3-6 month clothes, just like Delly when she was a baby. She's finally starting to bat at toys and trying to touch and grab them. She still mostly keeps her fists clenched, but she's starting to stretch out her fingers sometimes. She's also grabbing a little at me while she's nursing, which is so sweet.

When Delma was tiny, I loved her completely. But figuring out how to be a mommy and always keeping track of when she was changed, when she'd eaten, when she'd pooped, etc was so distracting that I didn't get to just sit back and relax. It's been so different with Mimi, the details of managing an infant are not overwhelming anymore, it's given me a lot more mental space to just enjoy her. Her first few weeks, when Delly was still in daycare fulltime, I got to sit around with Mimi all day long and cuddle. I fell head-over-heels in love with her. It was great. I'm not one of those women who melts into a puddle when there's a baby in the room, but this is my baby, and she's a little slice of heaven.

But the past couple of months with Delma home with us, I haven't felt completely connected with either girl. Juggling them has been such a struggle for me that neither really gets my full attention. They're both always pulling me away from the other, and I'm just not very good at this. Even on the days when I just have Mimi, I try to cram in so many errands and chores that I want to do without having Delma around that I haven't had as much time to chill out with her.

Delma goes back to daycare fulltime on Monday -- a topic for another post -- and it'll be the Mommy and Mimi show, 7:30-4:30, M-F. I do have a lot of crafting to do in the next few weeks before Hanukkah -- another topic for another post -- and I've also got to make some time for some walking and pilates before I get back to work, but I plan to spend some nice quality time every day gazing into Mimi's eyes. Oh, that girl.

And here's some more of Delma's handiwork. She put her pajamas on Mimi like a blanket, tried to put a hat on her, put a baby doll and a Skwish toy on her Boppy, and also put some of the treasures she keeps in her pocketbook (sample sized soaps and lotions) on Mimi. It cracks me up. And Mimi's all, "WTF?"

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